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18 Practices to Integrate Applications in the Cloud

11 September 2012 No Comment

This article provides 18 best practices to make sure your application can be easily integrated into another cloud product, can be integrated into another cloud appliance or can be hosted as an independent appliance in the cloud.

Based on experience, Sheetal Jharia and Ashish Billore propose the following best practices:
* Support silent installation
* Control disk space usage
* Settings should be changeable by API or CLI
* Trace and log info must be collectable via API/CLI
* High availability support is a really good advantage
* Provide life cycle capabilities
* All configurations should be reconfigurable
* Be able to activate and de-activate application in appliance
* Be able to apply patches in the appliance
* Commands should work in any shell
* License key functions should trigger when key is installed
* Branding should be enabled
* Have an API that can cleanly terminate the program
* Make data backup and restore available
* Application should be self-contained, self-sufficient
* API should be able to import and export data into app
* Have a programmatic way to manage users
* Keep tight external dependencies to a minimum

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