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Anatomy of an Open Source Cloud

21 June 2012 No Comment

Cloud computing is now a valuable and important technology that is fundamentally changing the way we use and develop on-demand applications. As you would expect, Linux and open source provide the foundation for the cloud (for public and private infrastructures). Explore the anatomy of the cloud, its architecture and the open source technologies used to build these dynamic and scalable computing and storage platforms.

This article begins with an exploration of the core abstractions of cloud architectures (from Infrastructure as a Service [IaaS]), then moves beyond the building blocks to the more highly integrated solutions. It explores where open source is being applied to build out a dynamic cloud infrastructure. It presents some of the open source solutions at the virtualized node level and then looks at some other open source applications that support this infrastructure. The article explores three categories. The first two are infrastructure-level technologies that complement the solutions previously discussed. The third category consists of integrated solutions that bring all of the pieces together for simpler deployment.

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