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Eucalyptus Introduces New AWS-Compatible Private Cloud

28 October 2013 No Comment

Eucalyptus Systems has introduced Eucalyptus 3.4, enabling innovative organizations to reduce cloud spend, increase agility and regain control over cloud performance, scale and security. New features including image migration and management, a hybrid cloud user console, identity and access management (IAM) roles, enhanced high availability and warm upgrade provide developers and cloud administrators with increased application development agility and a seamless path to hybrid cloud computing.

In fast moving, highly competitive markets, there is increased pressure on businesses to rapidly innovate, with technology, media and telco companies feeling the greatest burden. For these companies, cloud spend is outpacing the associated value and business agility is hampered by internal processes and tools. Additionally, these companies struggle to achieve performance or security goals within the public cloud and need alternative solutions.

Innovative organizations such as the European Space Agency and F-Secure rely on Eucalyptus to create flexible and cost-effective development and test environments. MemSQL, a leader in distributed in-memory database technology for real-time analytics, is saving $250,000 per year by using Eucalyptus.

New features in Eucalyptus 3.4 include:
* Enriched Image Management and Migration: To simplify the process of moving development and test workloads to a private cloud, Eucalyptus 3.4 introduces new and enhanced utilities for converting Amazon Machine Images to Eucalyptus Machine Images (EMI). For VMware users, improved support for VMDK-to-EMI helps onboard existing, virtualized applications, and lower or cap VMware licensing costs based on Eucalyptus’ support of KVM.
* Warm Upgrade: Warm Upgrade eliminates unnecessary impact to critical development and test activities by simplifying the upgrade process and allowing cloud administrators to perform a software upgrade on a Eucalyptus cloud with no instance downtime.
* Hybrid Cloud User Console: The Eucalyptus Hybrid Cloud User Console drives a new level of agility by enabling users to easily provision, monitor and manage cloud resources from a single interface. For example, a cloud administrator can check the status of development and test workloads running in Eucalyptus, then shift their view to production workloads running on AWS. The cloud administrator can take action in either cloud, such as provisioning additional resources or adjusting Auto Scaling policies.
* Identity and Access Management (IAM) Roles: An AWS compatible feature, IAM Roles enable users to adopt cloud security best practices in both private and public cloud environments. Cloud administrators gain better control over Eucalyptus cloud resources and can easily delegate access to them without risk of sharing security credentials.
* Enhanced High Availability: Improved capabilities provide cloud administrators more flexibility and control over how they deploy a highly available Eucalyptus cloud. Cloud administrators can control the physical placement of cloud management services and even manually failover components, all leading to easy-to-maintain Eucalyptus clouds.

“With Eucalyptus 3.4, customers have the power to reduce cloud costs while gaining greater control over cloud performance, scale and security,” said Andy Knosp, vice president of product at Eucalyptus. “A single Eucalyptus private cloud can pay for itself in as little as three months. For organizations that need to dynamically scale their workloads to the public cloud, our compatibility with AWS allows companies to leverage this approach when it makes the most business sense.”

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