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Failure Points in Cloud Application Design

6 March 2012 No Comment

This article examines what application reliability means in a cloud-based world. As the ubiquity of web-based applications increases, reliability of those applications becomes an increasingly critical requirement.The author proposes four categories of techniques that can help you design strong, reliable web-based applications.

These four categories are:
* Reducing single points of failure.
* Managing how failovers will behave.
* Detecting more than just an application heartbeat.
* Proactively avoiding failures through design, development, testing and deploying strategies.

It is easier than ever to create highly reliable applications using cloud-based infrastructure, but it is important to think through all of the points of failure and ensure that you have a strategy for handling failure as well as that no important data gets lost during failovers. Using approaches like TDD, continuous integration and continuous delivery can help you ensureĀ  that your applications work consistently as expected

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