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Incapsula Proposes Cloud-Based Integrated Load Balancer

11 March 2014 No Comment

Incapsula has announced the first cloud-based integrated, Layer 7-aware, global and local load balancer to provide true in-datacenter and cross-datacenter load balancing, as well as automatic failover for disaster recovery. This new capability augments Incapsula’s Application Security, DDoS Mitigation and Content Delivery Network capabilities to provide customers with a comprehensive Cloud-based Application Delivery Service.

“Cloud delivery has fundamentally changed application delivery and yet load balancing has not yet evolved beyond a locally deployed appliance. Today, we change that,” said Gur Shatz, CEO of Incapsula. “Our cloud-based load balancer is the first to balance traffic across datacenters and multiple web servers directly from the cloud, allowing our customers to take full advantage of the benefits of the cloud and scale without the need for DNS based routing, a local load balancer, or a virtual appliance.”

Incapsula’s integrated global and local load balancer provides three major service components through a single global Application Delivery Platform:

Global Load Balancing
Many IT organizations operate their web applications out of multiple hosting facilities globally for in-region performance optimization and regionally customized services or content. Balancing traffic has typically been achieved through DNS-based routing, which is neither application nor Layer 7-aware. Incapsula’s global load balancing provides geographically optimized web application delivery directly from the cloud.

Global Failover
Used for disaster recovery, global failover allows IT organizations that operate disaster recovery datacenters to easily divert all application traffic to an alternative datacenter in case of emergency.

Local In-Datacenter Load Balancing
Including an array of load distribution schemes that include least pending HTTP requests, least open connections, IP hashing, and others, this is the most common form of load balancing used to distribute traffic load across an array of web servers and is typically dominated by on-premise physical or virtual appliances.

About Incapsula

Incapsula is a cloud-based Application Delivery Service that makes websites safer, faster and more reliable. Incapsula offers websites, large or small, enterprise-grade web application security, DDoS mitigation, performance optimization and load balancing.

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