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KuroBase Releases Heroku Buildpack for Couchbase

13 March 2014 No Comment

KuroBase, Inc., a provider of Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solutions for Couchbase, announced it has released the first complete Heroku add-on for Couchbase. KuroBase has also released a set of developer tools including Heroku build-packs and New Relic instrumentation. Together, they enable developers to rapidly deploy and test Couchbase-powered applications. KuroBase has made these tools freely available.

“The combination of the easy-to-use Heroku platform with the New Relic analytics platform makes development of Couchbase NoSQL applications significantly easier and faster,” explains KuroBase CTO and co-founder Ali Hamidi. “We’re excited to share these tools with the growing development community.”

The Heroku add-on seamlessly extends KuroBase services. Any Heroku customer can easily provision a KuroBase hosted Couchbase instance directly from the Heroku portal (and Heroku tools). The add-on also simplifies configuration as the correct DB URL, Name and Password is automatically set for the developer’s app.

KuroBase has also released Heroku Buildpacks and a full package of code analysis, testing, and verification tools for the New Relic platform. Both tool suites are fully tested, verified, and supported by KuroBase

The Heroku Buildpacks includes custom buildpacks for Ruby and Node.js integrated with the required Libcouchbase libraries, enabling faster deployment of Couchbase-powered applications on the Heroku PaaS.

KuroBase uses the New Relic performance management solution widely for software and performance analysis. KuroBase built from scratch a complete instrumentation for New Relic. It allows any Ruby developer to track detailed metrics of all Couchbase calls from within their app. The release of the full instrumentation represents years of development and testing by KuroBase engineering to implement analytics across the complete Couchbase interface.

The New Relic instrumentation and the Heroku buildpacks are available for download through Github today. The Heroku add-on is available through the Heroku add-on catalog.

About KuroBase

Based in San Mateo, California, KuroBase is transforming the way data is shared, stored, and moved across cloud-based infrastructures and services. Powered by the KuroBase Orchestration Platform, the KuroBase fully managed Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) empowers developers to deliver and distribute big data content and real-time data access at much faster speeds with unlimited scalability and consistent performance.

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