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New CumuLogic Cloud Platform Supports More Databases

18 February 2014 No Comment

CumuLogic has announced the immediate availability of the Eagle (2.10) release of its cloud services platform, providing enhancements to support mission critical enterprise applications. Enterprise customers are looking for ways to migrate or deploy applications on hybrid clouds and the CumuLogic platform makes it a breeze to do so.

The CumuLogic platform transforms IT infrastructure to next generation cloud architecture, greatly simplifying application deployment and provideing a self-service portal for IT Ops and application developers. By adding support for commercial databases, such as Oracle 11g and a highly available SQL database, such as Percona XtraDB, enterprises can now migrate existing mission critical applications to the cloud. With support for NoSQL databases, including MongoDB and Couchbase, CumuLogic enables development and deployment of big data applications on hybrid clouds.

New technologies in the new platform release include:
* Oracle Database 11g in the CumuLogic Elastic WebStack (PaaS)
* Percona XtraDB in the CumuLogic SQL Database Service
* Couchbase in the CumuLogic NoSQL Database Service
* RabbitMQ and IBM WebSphere MQ message busses in the CumuLogic Message Queue Service

CumuLogic can help Fortune 500 customers reduce time-to-value, empowering application developers to provision databases on demand in just minutes, hence improving developer productivity. The CumuLogic platform can manage thousands of databases to perform ongoing maintenance tasks, such as updating database software, taking database backups for point-in-time recovery, and monitoring performance and capacity of deployed instances.

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