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Private Cloud Computing Advantages

23 April 2012 No Comment

When we think of cloud computing, we usually think of public clouds, such as the ones offered by Google or Amazon. Some organizations, because of their organizational cultures or for security or regulatory concerns, cannot move directly into public clouds, but they have the option of private clouds. Organizations that need greater security will have to invest in private clouds, but they also need to be sure that they can rely on the availability and performance of services.

This article explains the advantages and ways to use private clouds to optimize your investments, processes, and infrastructure. The reasons for using a private cloud are cost reduction, enhancing service quality and reducing the time it takes to deliver what users demand. Cost savings are driven by standardization or automation of services or IT computer resources. Standardization and automation reduce operational costs and free IT personnel to focus more on servicing customers than on activities with little or no added value, such as allocating disk space or configuring software.It is absolutely crucial for the quality of cloud services delivered by IT to be superior to the current model.

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