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[5 Dec 2011 | Comments Off on Rapid Cloud Foundry Deployments with Maven | ]

The Cloud Foundry team has released the Cloud Foundry Maven Plugin to integrate with applications’ development lifecycle, including deployment to the cloud. The same Maven plugin can be used to manage application pushes and updates to any Cloud Foundry instance. This blog post explains how you can build and deploy your application simply with the Cloud Foundry Maven Plugin.

[21 Nov 2011 | Comments Off on Automate Development and Management of Cloud Virtual Machines | ]

A recent trend has been to build a strong connection between cloud application and service development and operations. This trend is leading to a tighter, more efficient integration of application life cycle management (ALM) tools with cloud computing. This article shows you how to use the open source Apache Maven build management tool to automate build and deployment projects on IBM® SmartCloud Enterprise.

[30 May 2011 | Comments Off on Continuous Integration with Mule Cloud Connect and iON | ]

In this blog post, Emiliano Lesende shows us how to build a Mule iON application that does continuous integration of Maven-based projects. The application connect to a database hosted at MongoHQ that contains the list of applications to continuously integrate, then it connects to their GitHub repositories, perform a clone of them locally and then invoke Maven to actually build them.