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The benefits of the Open Source OpenStack IaaS Cloud

4 October 2012 No Comment

The Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud platform landscape is quite diverse, with well-known solutions like Nebula and Eucalyptus. But a relative newcomer to this space has shown considerable growth, not only in users but a large number of supporting companies. This article by Tim Jones presents the open source Cloud platform OpenStack, and discover whether it’s really the open source cloud operating system.

The article starts by explaining IaaS and its architectures before presenting OpenStack. OpenStack is built from a core of technologies:
* The Horizon dashboard is used to manage OpenStack services for both users and administrators
* Nova provides a scalable compute platform and supports the provisioning and management of servers
* Swift implements a massively scalable object storage system with internal redundancy
* Quantum and Melange implement network connectivity as a service
* Glance implements a repository for virtual disk image

The core OpenStack projects (Nova, Swift, and Glance) were developed in Python and are all available under the Apache License. OpenStack continues to integrate new functionality and numerous other projects under the OpenStack umbrella are available, still others are in the incubation process. OpenStack is not without competition, as older projects continue to evolve and new projects appear. For example, CloudStack (first released in 2009) has several production installations but lacks the level of open source contributor support that can be found with OpenStack.

More information on OpenStack on http://openstack.org/

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