Videos for Cloud Computing Software Development

Introducing Visual Studio LightSwitch

Visual Studio LightSwitch is a new tool aimed at building data-driven applications. LightSwitch automatically generates the user interface in Silverlight for a data source and allows you to deploy them on the desktop, the web and the cloud.

Cloud Computing and Software Security

Cloud computing raises new challenges and opportunities for computer security. Large-scale Web services must address both traditional security concerns, such as user authentication and key management, as well as newer issues like the need to maintain users’ privacy. Cloud computing has innate security advantages, such as its use of easily updated software. This video talk …

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Connecting The Clouds: Integrating Google App Engine for Java with

This video presents how to connect the Salesforce SOAP Web Services API to Google App Engine for Java. The project includes an open source Web Service Client that has been completely ported to App Engine. This client is designed for high performance and will work with WSDL’s or other WSDL’s that you may want …

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Computing in the Cloud: Security and Risks in the Cloud

How does the move to centralized services affect the security and reliability of users’ interactions with technology? What new threats are likely to emerge? How might provider behavior, user behavior, or government policy need to change in response to those threats? How does the “open source” ethos work in a cloud computing environment?

What is Cloud Computing?

Joyent asked Tim O’Reilly, Dan Farber, Matt Mullenweg, Jay Cross, Brian Solis, Kevin Marks, Steve Gillmor, Jeremy Tanner, Maggie Fox, Tom McGovern, Sam Lawrence, Stowe Boyd, David Tebbutt, Dave McClure, Chris Carfi, Vamshi Krishna and Rod Boothby the question: “What is Cloud Computing?”