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Combining Silverlight and Windows Azure Projects

Combining Silverlight and Windows Azure Projects

It can be difficult to combine multiple different frameworks into the same solution while working with new technologies. This article focuses on how to combine Silverlight 4, Windows Azure,and a WCF 4.0 (Windows Communication Foundation) service together.

It discusses the following topics:
* Combining Silverlight and Windows Azure projects
* Consuming an Azure-hosted WCF service within a Silverlight application
* Configuring the number of web roles

You will learn how to create a new Silverlight application hosted with an Azure project. You create a WCF service also hosted within the Azure project and consumed it from the Silverlight application. The WCF service is then scaled to four instances to demonstrate how WCF requests can be load balanced across multiple instances. A technique is also shown to allow a WCF service to be consumed through a relative path, allowing the website to be hosted anywhere without the service address needing to be changed for each deployment.