Implementing Pub/Sub Applications with SignalR in Windows Azure

This article by Bruno Terkaly will show you how SignalR enables you to implement asynchronous scalable pub/sub applications with real-time, persistent and long-running connections more easily than you’ve ever imagined. SignalR, a new technology from Microsoft that makes long polling practical and scalable, is the solution you’ve been waiting for to address the implementation headaches of pub/sub systems. The framework, available on GitHub, makes it easy to build asynchronous scalable Web applications with real-time, persistent and long-running connections.

SignalR is a major leap forward in lowering the technical barriers to creating asynchronous and scalable Web applications that work across all popular browsers. Combined with Windows Azure, SignalR opens the door to many more types of applications that require frequent updates from the server. SignalR also works with non-browser clients, such as traditional desktop applications. In addition, SignalR is designed to leverage other high-level transports that aren’t based on long polling, such as WebSockets, server-sent events and the forever frame on Internet Explorer.