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[22 Jan 2013 | Comments Off on The Java Technical Podcast: The Cloud Files | ]

This season of the Java technical podcast focuses the interviews of the technologies, companies and people influencing cloud computing. Recorded over a three-month period, Andrew Glover spoke with established players and their interests, including CloudBees and Heroku, as well as exciting newcomers like Jelastic and NuoDB.

[9 Aug 2012 | Comments Off on Free Cloud Services for Application Developers | ]

Xeround has compiled a nice list of 43 Free Cloud Services for Application Developers. You will find in this list Cloud IDE, databases, source code management, load testing and monitoring.

[6 Dec 2011 | Comments Off on The Twelve-factor Applications | ]

The twelve-factor app is a methodology for building software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications that:

Use declarative formats for setup automation, to minimize time and cost for new developers joining the project;
Have a clean contract with the underlying operating system, offering maximum portability between execution environments;
Are suitable for deployment on modern cloud platforms, obviating the need for servers and systems administration;
Minimize divergence between development and production, enabling continuous deployment for maximum agility;
And can scale up without significant changes to tooling, architecture, or development practices.

[29 Nov 2011 | Comments Off on Software Engineering for Software as a Service Free Online Course | ]

UC Berkeley is offering a free online Software Engineering for Software as a Service course that will start in February 2012. This course teaches the engineering fundamentals for long-lived software using the highly-productive Agile development method for Software as a Service (SaaS) using Ruby on Rails.

[5 Aug 2011 | Comments Off on Migrating to the Cloud | ]

In this podcast, continuous integration expert Paul Duvall details the many considerations and options a company must investigate to migrate its infrastructure smoothly and safely to the Cloud.

[4 May 2011 | Comments Off on Relational Cloud Project | ]

The Relational Cloud project is an MIT-based effort to investigate technologies and challenges related to Database-as-a-Service within cloud-computing.

[11 Apr 2011 | Comments Off on Abstracting the Cloud to Work Better for Java Developers | ]

The former JBoss CTO Sacha Labourey discusses his new endeavor, CloudBees, and argues that a complete set of tools for the application life cycle in the cloud is necessary to maximizing this new computing model and besting Google App Engine in the PaaS space.

[1 Apr 2011 | Comments Off on Cloud Performance From the End User Perspective | ]

The report “Cloud performance from the end user perspective” looks at roughly 300 million individual tests of nine cloud platforms, conducted over a seven-day period.

[5 Jan 2010 | Comments Off on CloudSecurity.org | ]

CloudSecurity.org is an independent Web site founded by Craig Balding and dedicated to Cloud Computing Security from an Enterprise perspective.