Best Practices Microsoft on AWS

Learn the best practices for deploying Microsoft operating systems and servers on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances. This session will additionally cover MS SQL Server on AWS as well as deploying, administering and maintaining SharePoint in a scalable, highly available configuration.

Private Cloud Implementation Best Practices

Want to build out a Microsoft Private Cloud solution? Want to learn the best practices for implementing,managing and growing your Private cloud topology? Come to this session to ramp up on the various private cloud best practices and lessons learned during industry and internal implementations of Microsoft’s Private Cloud solution. This session helps you to …

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Inside Windows Azure

This video provides an under-the-hood tour of Windows Azure, the internals of Microsoft’s new cloud OS. Topics include datacenter architecture, cloud OS architecture, and what goes on behind the scenes when you deploy a service, a machine fails or comes online and a role fails.

Casablanca: a Microsoft C++ API for Cloud Computing

The Casablanca C++ API provides support for doing things like developing REST services for Azure, or accessing them from clients via an HTTP library, sending JSON data, accessing Azure blob and queue storage, and using TCP for flexible networking needs, all in a library that takes advantage of modern C++.