Videos for Cloud Computing Software Development

Cloud Run, Serverless Containers in Action

This video presents Cloud Run, a new product from Google Cloud, that allows to run containers in a “serverless fashion”, on a managed infrastructure (no need to provision instances, servers, clusters yourself, security patches applied transparently, etc.), where auto-scaling allows you to scale your microservices down to zero (effectively paying 0 as well), up to …

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Is DevOps Still Relevant in a Cloud Native World?

With the increasing trend towards abstracting away infrastructure into Cloud platforms, has DevOps become obsolete? Jez Humble thinks not, and he takes an evidence-based approach in this presentation to the design and implementation of compute platforms and the applications that live in them, based on DevOps principles and practices. This talk also discusses how security …

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Securing Serverless Applications in Azure

Serverless is all about unleashing developer productivity by reducing the management burden and allowing you to focus on the application logic. But even for serverless applications, security is key! This presentation will guide you on how to secure your Azure Serverless applications. We are going to take a look at the different options for securing …

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CI/CD Automation for Oracle Cloud Functions with Visual Builder Studio

Serverless computing is one of the more attractive aspects offered by cloud platforms like Oracle Cloud. It lets you focus on coding functionality and letting the provider take care of providing a dynamically scaling platform to run your code. Oracle is offering the Oracle Cloud Functions Service as a platform for hosting serverless functions.

5 Cloud Services Every Developer Should Know

The Cloud is here to stay, and PaSS services are the ones that makes it different from a classic data center offering. If you are new to cloud computing software development, the question you might be asking yourself is “Where do I start?”

Top Cloud Native Security Lessons

Cloud native technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker, Istio and more are becoming the foundations of software development and infrastructure deployments. With these new technologies, a new set of lessons on security need to be understood and applied. This talk presents the top security lessons from running cloud-native infrastructure and what everyone should know if they …

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