Heroku Secrets

Heroku’s Lead Runtime Engineer Noah Zoschke presents Heroku’s Secrets. He discusses how Heroku allows to implement the software as a service model and continuous deployment. He also presents the different tools available on the Heroku Cloud platform.

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Deploying CloudFoundry, Heroku and othe PaaS

This article provides a step by step approach on how to deploy your application on the CloudBees, CloudFoundry, Heroku, Windows Azure, OpenShift, Elastic Beanstalk and Google AppEngine Platform-as-a-Services (PaaS) clouds. For each of these platforms, you are guided through the deployment process with screenshots and code examples. You can even have alternative way to achieve …

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A Polyglot Heroku

Over the past year, Heroku has expanded by going polyglot and supporting languages like Java, Clojure, Python, Node.js, and Scala in addition to Ruby. In this session, we will discuss major updates to the platform and our emphasis on making the Ruby developer experience even better. We’ll leave plenty of time at the end for …

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Heroku PostgreSQL-as-a-Service

Heroku runs the largest PostgreSQL service in the world, currently hosting more than 175,000 databases for web applications. Recently this database service was opened up to the world, making it available to anyone looking for a production-ready database server for their application.

Node.js on Heroku

This video introduces Node.js and demonstrates how its non-blocking approach enables lean, scalable server applications. Node.js is an event-driven, JavaScript-based, high-performance I/O framework for server-side programming. It also shows how you can get started building your first Node.js app on Heroku.