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Kubernetes Runtime Security

The Kubernetes open source cluster management system provides the mechanisms through which you interact with your cluster. You use Kubernetes commands and resources to deploy and manage your applications, perform administration tasks and set policies, and monitor the health of your deployed workloads. When you run a Kubernetes Engine cluster, you also gain the benefit …

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Cloud Spanner 101

This video provides an overview of Google Cloud Spanner, Google mission-critical, relational and scalable application database, which is now publicly available as a managed service on Google Cloud. You’ll learn how Cloud Spanner evolved, how Google uses it internally, and how you can use it for your next project.

Google Cloud Platform: Ushering in the Next Generation of Cloud Computing

Google Senior Vice President Urs H√∂lzle shares Google vision for the next generation of Cloud computing. He discusses how investments in infrastructure, software and people will help usher in this new era for Google and developers around the world via the Google Cloud Platform. This session also includes announcements and provides demo of important new …

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Technical Details of Google Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine (GCE) is an IaaS product announced by Google. It uses KVM as the hypervisor and currently only supports guest images running Linux. Google Compute Engine offers a RESTful API for managing resources such as disk, images, and instances.

Google Compute Engine Introduction

The Google Compute Engine is a new virtual machine based cloud technology for large scale data processing and analytics workloads. It allows the world to leverage the scalability and power of Google’s data centers to run computationally intensive jobs.