CI/CD Automation for Oracle Cloud Functions with Visual Builder Studio

Serverless computing is one of the more attractive aspects offered by cloud platforms like Oracle Cloud. It lets you focus on coding functionality and letting the provider take care of providing a dynamically scaling platform to run your code. Oracle is offering the Oracle Cloud Functions Service as a platform for hosting serverless functions.

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Oracle Public Cloud Java Service with NetBeans Preview

In this blog post, Markus Eisele provides an evaluation of the Oracle Public Cloud Java Service with NetBeans that is currently in an “Early Access” phase. He provides a step by step process on how to use the service and some feedback on its current version which is not publicly available for the moment.

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Oracle Cloud Strategy Clarified

This article from Ovum Research explains that Oracle has clarified its cloud strategy. Oracle new public cloud is expected to be commercially available by mid-2012. Ovum also explains that Oracle has moved beyond SaaS into business process-as-a-service (BpaaS) territory. As far as PaaS is concerned, Oracle should deliver a cloud-centric application lifecycle management (ALM) environment …

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JavaServer Faces the Cloud

This article explains how JavaServer Faces 2.0 features are suited for the Cloud. It presents the @ManagedBean annotation, implicit navigation and resource handling. Cloud services might not have been a factor when JavaServer Faces 2.0 (JSF 2.0) was developed, but JSF 2.0 provides features ideally suited for the cloud as path-based resource handling, REST-style GET …

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Using Oracle Berkeley DB as a NoSQL Data Store

This article illustrates and explains why and how Berkeley DB can be included in the stack as a NoSQL solution. The article focuses exclusively on Berkeley DB’s NoSQL-centric features and thus does not exhaustively cover all of Berkeley DB’s capabilities and idiosyncrasies.

Oracle Middleware and Cloud Computing

Alex Andrianopoulos, VP of Product Marketing, Fusion Middleware, discusses the many aspects of Cloud Computing, and how Oracle Fusion Middleware fits in.