continuous integration

Continuous Delivery with Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry dramatically simplifies the work necessary to build deployment pipelines for continuous delivery. In this talk we’ll look at the benefits of building deployment pipelines with Cloud Foundry, some anti-patterns to watch out for, and how you can practice continuous delivery when making changes to the infrastructure code of Cloud Foundry itself.

Scaling Continuous Integration in the Cloud

Using everything learned about continuous integration (CI) at Atlassian, this video explains how to maximize throughput and reduce latency in your test pipeline. It also introduces the Hadoop Cluster Bamboo Agent capable of massively and automatically scaling up the amount of compute power available for continuous integration on Bamboo.

DevOps Experts Panel at Cloud Connect 2011

This video features all of DevOps Track speakers at Cloud Connect 2011: Andrew Shafer – Cloud Scaling, Teyo Tyree – Puppet Labs, Alex Honor – DTO Solutions / Rundeck Project, James Urquhart – Cisco, Juan Paul Ramirez – Shopzilla, Lloyd Taylor – ngmoco.