Portable Cloud Storage with jclouds

We’ll start by comparing public cloud services like Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure and private cloud software like OpenStack Swift or Eucalyptus Walrus from a feature and code/API level. We’ll then review java and clojure calls to the open source jclouds BlobStore API, abstracting away these differences. We’ll finish with a review of integration patterns …

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Data Ingress and Storage Access in Cloud Architecture

Buck Woody discusses in this article data ingress and storage access in Cloud Computing reference architecture. He explains how to create a centralized, off-premises (cloud-based) data store that provides flexibility, security, consistency, and guards against vendor lock-in. Buck is Senior Technical Specialist on Windows Azure at Microsoft and the examples he presents are based on …

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Using Google Cloud Storage

Since last year, the Google Cloud Storage team has shipped several features that let you use Google Cloud Storage for a variety of advanced use cases. This session will open with a quick introduction to the product, and quickly shift focus to implementing a variety of advanced applications using new features in Google Cloud Storage.

Cloud Storage Simplified

Key/value stores are the most common storage offerings in the cloud today. This session introduces storage concepts and differences between cloud storage providers, including Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Rackspace Cloud Files, and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. It demonstrates how jclouds BlobStore helps Java and Clojure developers avoid lock-in and increase testability without restricting …

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Searching Windows Azure Storage with Lucene.Net

There isn’t yet a lot of support for a cloud-deployed search solution, but with Windows Azure, Lucene.Net and a bit of OpenXML, just about any searching requirements can be met. This article suggests a sample implementation to search Windows Azure Storage with Lucene.Net.

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Testing Cloud Storage Providers

Rob Mason provides a series of blog posts on how to evaluate the technical aspects of Cloud storage providers based on seven levels: 1. API integration 2. Unit testing 3. Performance Testing 4. Stability/availability 5. Scalability 6. Formal QA 7. Approval