Lessons Learned on Spring Cloud, Docker & Kubernetes

With Kubernetes becoming the de facto (vs. OpenShift, EKS, PKS, GCE, etc.) abstraction for cloud providers, we need to get ready and step up our game to make sure that we are designing with these environments in mind. This presentation will cover the challenges, lessons learned and conclusions from a Java Open Source project while …

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Advanced Spring Cloud

In this talk Joris will introduce the Spring Cloud project by showing how it provides common abstractions for centralized configuration, service discovery, synchronous and asynchronous service invocations, and other topics that become relevant when building distributed applications. Spring Cloud’s Config Server and its Netflix OSS integration (Hystrix, Ribbon, Zuul) will be demonstrated as supported implementations …

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Getting Started with Spring Cloud

Spring Cloud is here! It offers a powerful way to create and consume microservices. As you introduce new services, you introduce integration problems: services can be shaky, they can disappear and – as they’re often exposed over HTTP – they require a bit more footwork than in-process method invocations.

Netflix Spring Cloud

Spring Cloud Netflix allows you to quickly take your existing Spring Boot application and transform it into a fully cloud-ready service (even if you are operating out of a private data center).

Running A Spring App on Cloud Foundry

The Spring Trader application was debuted at SpringOne 2GX in 2012 and presented an application that demonstrates a multitude of Pivotal Application Fabric components working together: tcServer, RabbitMQ, SQLFire and Gemfire.

Abstracting PaaS Services for Spring Cloud

Developing an application to a cloud platform involves working with deployed application’s environment and connecting to services. Spring Cloud, a new project, simplifies these tasks in a variety of cloud platforms including Cloud Foundry and Heroku.

Build Spring Applications on Cloud Foundry

Let’s face it, the cloud is here to stay. The cloud’s potential can seem sometimes overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to if you use Spring. Spring – and the various Spring projects – already embrace the architecture characteristics that make for great, cloud-centric applications in any environment. While Spring works well on any cloud platform, …

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Cloud Foundry and Spring: a Marriage Made in Heaven

This talk will describe the Cloud Foundry Open PaaS (Platform as a Service), with its open source, multi-framework, multi-service, multi-cloud model, and will explain in depth how to use Cloud Foundry services effectively from Java/Spring applications. Cloud Foundry allows developers to provision apps in Java/Spring, Ruby/Rails, Ruby/Sinatra, Javascript/Node, and leverage services like MySQL, MongoDB, Reddis, …

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