Highly Available Geo-Redundant Cloud Solutions with Windows Azure

Look at the requirements for highly available applications in the cloud and explore architectures and common patterns you can apply to your Windows Azure solutions. You will explore the available practical techniques for high availably, geo-redundancy and disaster recovery and review specific customer examples from the field.

Enterprise Application Integration Patterns for Java in the Cloud

With today’s heterogeneous system/application environments, enterprise developers and architects are often faced with complex integration challenges that often result in Moloch-like code. This session introduces common enterprise application integration (EAI) patterns that can easily be used to integrate Java EE applications into heterogeneous system environments.

Distributed Access Control Architecture for Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has specific security challenges as multi-tenancy and virtualization fea­tures create risks due to sharing of physical resources among potential untrusted tenant. Het­erogeneity of services also requires different degrees of granularity in access control mechanisms. This article discusses a distributed architecture based on principles from security management and software …