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[10 Apr 2012 | Comments Off on How to Deploy a Java Application on Heroku with Eclipse | ]

This short video explains how to deploy a Java application to Heroku without using any command lines. This is achieved using a web browser and Eclipse. You will need to install some Eclipse plugins like the egit plugin and the maven m2eclipse plugin.

[25 May 2011 | Comments Off on Bring the Cloud to Your IDE with the Google Plugin for Eclipse | ]

With the cloud you can now run services that previously couldn’t run on or be accessible from a typical desktop machine. The ability to harness cloud services and infrastructure within apps adds huge value for your users. One of the easiest ways to add the power of the cloud to your apps is with the cloud-connected Google Plugin for Eclipse.

[18 May 2011 | Comments Off on Build a Cloud Application with Android and Google App Engine | ]

This video walks through building a fantastic Cloud Android application. A complete set of Eclipse-based Java development tools exist to build Android applications that are backed by Google App Engine.