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[2 May 2018 | No Comment | ]

Google Cloud is well-known for its support for containers. This talk explores how to deploy and run ASP.NET Containers on App Engine Flex and Google Kubernetes Engine. Additionally, we will learn about some of the Google Cloud services such as Stackdriver, Machine Learning APIs, BigQuery and see how they can elevate your .NET app to the next level.

[12 Nov 2013 | Comments Off on MongoDB on Windows Azure | ]

MongoDB is an open source NoSQL database. This article from Lynn Langit introduces both MongoDB and Windows Azure, and then explore the technical details and benefits of deploying MongoDB to the Microsoft cloud.

[24 Jul 2013 | Comments Off on Windows Azure Service Bus Deep Dive | ]

Learn the advanced capabilities of the Windows Azure Service Bus Queues and Topics, including subscription filtering, session management, correlation. Ynd you will also learn about a range of architectural patterns that can be implemented using the messaging capabilities and help with scaling out your applications. You will also learn about ASP.NET’s SignalR framework and how to scale out SignalR using Service Bus on Windows Azure.

[21 May 2013 | Comments Off on Cloud Patterns for Application Architects | ]

How does one build a “modern” application? What are the key design patterns ranging from adaptive and insight-driven applications to ‘Social’-enabled & aware application design, to Big Data: why HPC is coming to you… Architecture patterns and practices ranging from Enterprise Architecture to design and delivery.

[18 Sep 2012 | Comments Off on Developing Hybrid Cloud Solutions with Windows Azure Service Bus | ]

The Windows Azure Service Bus is designed to provide connectivity, queuing, and routing capabilities not only for the cloud applications but also for on-premises applications. Microsoft BizTalk Server enables organizations to connect and extend heterogeneous systems across the enterprise and with trading partners. Using both together enables a significant number of scenarios in which you can build secure, reliable and scalable hybrid solutions that span the cloud and on premises environments.

[26 Apr 2012 | Comments Off on Windows Azure for the ASP.NET Developer | ]

This web site contains a series of articles that should help ASP.NET developers move their applications to Windows Azure. ASP.net developer are already familiar with much of the Windows Azure platform and many ASP.NET concepts are directly transferable to the cloud.  These part series will help you get ready, get set, and get going on your first cloud application. It will get you going on the fundamentals, teach you how to setup your account, download the tools and then on to building your first sites and beyond.

[16 Mar 2012 | Comments Off on Practical CQRS with Windows Azure | ]

CQRS architecture approaches are an emerging trend for building distributed systems in .NET. They bring together multiple time-proven patterns and practices of delivering scalable solutions with rich business value. CQRS is also a natural fit for cloud computing projects, where it provides clear design baseline and allows reducing development and operational costs, while keeping overall complexity at bay.

[15 Feb 2012 | Comments Off on Apprenda Private/Hybrid .NET PaaS Interview | ]

Apprenda is an Open Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) stack Support for ASP.NET, SQL Server and WCF.
Its goal is to enable any organization to transform their existing infrastructure, or private cloud investments into a self-service cloud application platform.

[9 Feb 2012 | Comments Off on How to Deploy a .NET App with Mono on Heroku | ]

This video shows how you can deploy a program written in C# on the Mono Framework to run .NET apps on Heroku.

[8 Dec 2011 | Comments Off on F# in the Cloud | ]

With the advent of cloud platforms, developers face once more the challenges of distributed computing in their effort to harness the available computing power. This video shows how F# 2.0 can be used in Microsoft’s Azure platform, in order to develop highly-scalable distributed applications and provides a hands-on experience in using F# in Azure.