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[6 Mar 2014 | One Comment | ]

The cloud is penetrating every technology organization and almost every software product or service. The cloud affects everything inside development, bringing profound changes to how engineers build, test, release, and maintain software and systems. Sharing his experiences at Microsoft working on the Bing search engine, Ken Johnston reveals how they devised and implemented a test-oriented architecture (TOA) at every layer within their product solution.

[15 Nov 2012 | Comments Off on Software Testing Salesforce at Cloud Scale | ]

Learn about Salesforce’s diversified software testing automation strategy, which spans both the public cloud and a private VM farm. Salesforce engineers will present an overview of how Jenkins is augmenting their existing CI runner and decreasing cycle time.

[26 Sep 2012 | Comments Off on Integrating Cloud9 IDE with Selenium | ]

This is a demonstration of Cloud9 integration with their in-browser development environment, which creates Selenium tests and runs them on Sauce Labs — Dev, Test and Results — end to end in the Cloud.

[10 Sep 2012 | Comments Off on Leveraging Windows Azure for Performance Testing | ]

This video demonstrates how you can use the power of Windows Azure to effectively abstract the administration cost of infrastructure management and lower the total cost of load and performance testing.

[30 Apr 2012 | Comments Off on Configuring a Complex Cloud Test System | ]

As Cloud applications continue to get more complex, it is more and more difficult to deliver them. This article demonstrates how to establish a working, easily repeatable Collaborative Lifecycle Management system that runs on WebSphere Application Server using DB2 as the database. IBM Workload Deployer and the Rational Team Concert CLM feature are used. The end result is a topology that testers can reproduce in a daily, on-the-fly build to verify app defects and builds, perform smoke tests, and enable other testing activities. This complex cloud configuration allows functional verification …

[13 Feb 2012 | One Comment | ]

This video explains how to write tests for theĀ  Google App Engine. You write the tests using the standard python unittest module and you execute them with gaeunit, a web based test runner.

[14 Nov 2011 | Comments Off on Hitting a Moving Target in the Cloud | ]

The testing of Microsoft Translator (MT) service can be divided into two broad areas
1) Testing of the machine learning system that returns the translation answer
2) the web service that serves translate requests running on the Microsoft cloud.

[22 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on Automated Testing on the Cloud with Grid and P2P | ]

As cloud computing dives deeply into its latest trend, the proliferation of instances of mobile device access, testing the explosive numbers of new applications could be an obstacle to speedy deployment. Automated testing on the cloud is the answer to that roadblock. This article discusses how to add grid computing and peer-to-peer collaboration functionality to make automated testing on the cloud more effective. It also provides an example of a real-world system and scenario.

[25 May 2011 | Comments Off on SOASTA uses Windows Azure to offer CloudTest Solutions | ]

This video presents SOASTA’s elastic CloudTest services on Windows Azure, their partnership with CSC and their views on Cloud computing trends.

[14 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on Cloud-Based Automated Software Reliability Services | ]

This video proposes cloud-based automated software reliability services (SRS), a step toward making testing and debugging of code as easy as using webmail.