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[8 Aug 2012 | Comments Off on Powering Data On the Web and the Cloud with SQL Azure | ]

This video provides demos and guidance on lighting up web experiences using SQL Azure, Microsoft’s suite of cloud database services. Using Visual Studio we’ll go through the steps to quickly architect cloud data-driven web user experiences in ASP.NET MVC3 that also scale for high volumes of users and data. Next, we’ll demonstrate how SQL Azure quickly and powerfully extends user experiences farther – spanning mobile devices, AJAX experiences with jQuery, and synchronized data with on-premises applications.

[13 Jun 2012 | Comments Off on Scaling Out with SQL Azure Federation | ]

This is an introduction to SQL Azure federations, one of the new tools Microsoft has made available to database architects and developers for scaling out a database in the cloud. Federations in SQL Database are a way to achieve greater scalability and performance from the database tier of your application through horizontal partitioning. One or more tables within a database are split by row and portioned across multiple databases (Federation members). This type of horizontal partitioning is often referred to as ‘sharding’. The primary scenarios in which this is useful …

[9 Mar 2012 | Comments Off on Moving SQL Azure Servers | ]

A new feature has been added to the Windows Azure Management Portal to enable moving SQL Azure servers between different subscriptions. This blog post proposes a detailed process on how to use the move server feature of Windows Azure. It remind us that moving a SQL Azure server does not involve a physical move of the SQL Azure server or databases, but only changes the association of the SQL Azure server from one subscription to another.

[3 Jan 2012 | Comments Off on Overview of SQL Azure Data Sync | ]

This video provides an overview of the SQL Azure Data Sync service capabilities and target scenarios. After some slides to introduce the service, the video provides a demo of the SQL Azure Data Sync service.

[17 Nov 2011 | Comments Off on Updates to SQL Azure Database | ]

In this episode, Roger Doherty, Technical Evangelist for SQL Server and SQL Azure, discusses recent updates to the SQL Azure database.

[8 Nov 2011 | Comments Off on Partition Data in SQL Azure | ]

This sample demonstrates how to partition your data in SQL Azure. It shows two ways: one is vertical partitioning while the other is horizontal partitioning. In this version of vertically partitioning for SQL Azure we are dividing all the tables in the schema across two or more SQL Azure databases. In this version of horizontal partitioning, every table exists in all the databases in the partition set.

[14 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on SQL Azure Reporting | ]

The SQL Azure Reporting CTP gives developers a familiar paradigm for developing and distributing reports – except that no one has to worry about the infrastructure to host it. This article demonstrates with a simple example that uses data from performance counters captured as part of the diagnostics for a Web Role.

[3 May 2011 | Comments Off on LightSwitch to Windows Azure Deployment | ]

This video shows how to deploying a Visual Studio LightSwitch application to Windows Azure.

[29 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on Comparing SQL Server with SQL Azure | ]

This article provides an architectural overview of SQL Azure Database, compares it with SQL Server and describes how you can use SQL Azure to augment your existing on-premises data infrastructure or as your complete database solution.

[23 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on Simple Database Backups With SQL Azure | ]

SQL Azure can take away a great deal of the maintenance work from a hosted database-driven website. However it isn’t perfect for backups. This article explains how to perform simple database backups with SQL Azure.