Videos for Cloud Computing Software Development

Java Provisioning in the Cloud

This video presents cloud Tools that are written in java and clojure. It shows examples that work on many clouds using the jclouds framework. Watch this video of the Oredev Conference web site

Mono, a Great Platform for .NET in the Cloud

With many options for hosting Linux servers on services such as EC2 and Linode, Mono has become an attractive platform for cloud deployment. This presentation will walk through several approaches to developing, debugging and deploying .NET applications to the cloud with Mono. Watch this video of the Norwegian Developer Conference

Running your Java EE 6 and Rails Applications in the Cloud

This video shows how to create a simple Java EE 6 and Ruby-on-Rails application then deploy that sample using Amazon, RightScale, Joyent & Elastra cloud infrastructures. The video also explains the advantages of each approach enabling you to choose the optimal strategy for your environment. Video Producer: Jazoon Conference

Cloud Computing with Scala and GridGain

GridGain is a cloud development platforms for JVM-based languages. Most of the video is devoted to a demonstration of writing basic MapReduce application in Scala using GridGain. The video presents an overview of grid and cloud computing concepts as well as the notion of Native Cloud Applications.