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Cloud Aware Large Scale Distributed SOA

Cloud Aware Large Scale Distributed SOA

This presentation introduces a state of the art solution to develop and extend their business easily in a cloud-aware way. This approach is composed of three major modules : A cloud-aware/federated service bus, a service governance tool and an online Collborative Business Process Editor.

The cloud service bus extends the OW2-Petals ESB by enabling service exposition and consumption between service farms by using OW2-ProActive as the framework to build a federated communication layer. Once communication links are established between parties using the cloud middleware, services visibility can be expressed using the OW2-Petals Master governance solution and automatically exposed to defined partners by the service bus. Finally, an online business processes editor is deployed in the cloud and fully connected to the infrastrucutre in order to provide a fully collaborative processes creation using BPMN standards.

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