How Clouds Differ Beyond Cost and Speed

As adoption of cloud platforms grows, both in dedicated and “mixed-use” configurations, the original Cloud 1.0 vision of “run anything, anywhere” has been extended and refined to cover a number of considerations that are turning out to be essential across various cloud usage models. If you’re already working with cloud applications, or are considering to do so, and have open questions regarding SLAs, performance, legal aspects and more, you’re in good company.

This talk is based on a dozen discussions with cutting-edge cloud users, platform developers and infrastructure providers, identifying and structuring metamodels beyond pure hardware that applications care about. These covered, amongst others, service levels, auditability, geography, jurisdiction, and stewardship. In this talk, we’ll be giving an overview of this research and introduce and explain the models that make commodity hardware or network decisions more than meets the eye. You’ll understand how relationships between factors such as geography, residency, and stewardship can impact your ability to successfully utilize cloud computing offerings, and will walk away with an idea of important questions to ask yourself before entering a cloud computing environment, as well as a sense of where and how to find some answers.

Video Producer: Jazoon Conference