Engine Yard CEO John Dillon Interview

John Dillon was appointed chief executive in 2009. He explains why Engine Yard has widened its offer with the recent acquisition of Orchestra to support the even larger market of PHP developers.

Node.js, Ruby and Python in Windows Azure

Most people using Windows Azure are using ASP.NET and PHP, but Windows Azure is much more general than that. Steve Marx will show how he built a few web apps (including his blog) that run on Windows Azure and don’t use .NET or PHP. Server-side JavaScript, Ruby, and Python will be the most prominent examples.

Cloud Foundry Live Webinar

In this series of video Paul Maritz, VMware CEO, and Rod Johnson, SVP of Application Platform Strategy at VMware, discuss Cloud Foundry, a new open Platform as as Service solution. Topics covered: Spring, ruby, node.js

Building Scalable Cloud Infrastructure with Ruby

This video details the use of Ruby, EventMachine, RabbitMQ, and various distributed systems techniques in the building of the VMforce large scale cloud system at VMware. Topics covered will be the cloud system architecture, asynchronous programming in Ruby, EventMachine, Sinatra, and the use of messaging in a complex distributed system.

Running your Java EE 6 and Rails Applications in the Cloud

This video shows how to create a simple Java EE 6 and Ruby-on-Rails application then deploy that sample using Amazon, RightScale, Joyent & Elastra cloud infrastructures. The video also explains the advantages of each approach enabling you to choose the optimal strategy for your environment. Video Producer: Jazoon Conference