CI/CD Automation for Oracle Cloud Functions with Visual Builder Studio

Serverless computing is one of the more attractive aspects offered by cloud platforms like Oracle Cloud. It lets you focus on coding functionality and letting the provider take care of providing a dynamically scaling platform to run your code. Oracle is offering the Oracle Cloud Functions Service as a platform for hosting serverless functions. Oracle Functions is based on the Fn Project – an open source, container native solution for writing functions that supports a variety of languages (including Java, go, ruby, node, python, and more) . In this blog we’ll highlight some of the capabilities that are built into Oracle Visual Builder Studio to help you manage the development cycle for such functions and to automate continuous deployment to the Oracle cloud platform.

The video demo focuses on the code management and CI/CD automation functionality. For code management we use the Git repositories in Visual Builder Studio. For CI/CD automation VB Studio offers Fn specific build steps as well as integration with the Oracle infrastructure environment.

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