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Cloud Computing Readiness Assessments

Cloud Computing Readiness Assessments

In this article, JP Morgenthal presents the potential and problems associated with cloud computing readiness assessments. He wrote that the first thing to do when you assessing the readiness to adopt a new technology is to understand the value, cost and associated best practices available of this technology.

The article proposes a sample of questions that can be asked during this assessment:
* Who is the primary stakeholder for cloud computing?
* What is the expected goal for adopting cloud computing?
* What types of services will we be providing through our cloud computing offering?
* Who are the primary consumers for our cloud computing services?

His conclusion is that the that “readiness assessments provide three critical elements: a) appropriate expectations for cloud computing adoption, b) factors that support and hinder adoption in the organization, and c) a maturity model for IT that can also be a driver for IT transformation and delivery of IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS).”