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Develop Windows Azure Cloud Services with Visual Studio

Develop Windows Azure Cloud Services with Visual Studio

Functionality has been regularly added to the Windows Azure SDK for .NET as the Windows Azure platform and associated tools evolved, such as adding Windows Azure Cloud Service projects to any Web app project, ASP.NET MVC versions 3 and 4 project support and a better deployment experience.

This article by Paul Yuknewicz and Boris Scholl explores the different parts of the cloud service application development lifecycle using Visual Studio and highlight the new features as we progress through that lifecycle. You will learn how to:
* create a Windows Azure project
* turn a web application projects into Cloud service projects
* debugging a Windows Azure application locally
* publishing to Windows Azure
* working with server explorer to access Windows Azure

Even if this article just provides a high-level overview of the Windows Azure tools features, you should have an idea of how easy it is to develop and debug Windows Azure cloud service applications using Visual Studio.

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