NoOps, DevOps and PaaS

In this article, Lucas Carlson, Adron Hall discuss the relationship between the NoOps, DevOps and PaaS trends in software infrastructure. They start with some definitions. Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) is a category of cloud computing services that provide a computing platform and a solution stack as a service. NoOps means no operational needs for developers except to deploy a PaaS enabled application, usually considered a SaaS App. DevOps is the combination of Developer and Operations, rolled into a single occupational characteristic that combines these needs.

The article presents the core principles of PaaS and summarizes what PaaS really provides to a company. It explains that a PaaS offering has a lot of things that often make it a rather complex system. There is self healing that needs to occur, instances of servers and other things that must spool up or terminate. All of these things need automated with as small a human touch as possible. The conclusion is that “there is still a large need for PaaS Providers to have strong DevOps Support. However with the consolidation of this it draws DevOps to a more honed and centralized value within a PaaS Provider.”