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Searching the Perfect Cloud Software Developer Experience

Searching the Perfect Cloud Software Developer Experience

With a productive service-based development workflow, individual software development teams can build and ship applications independently of each other. But with a rapidly evolving cloud native landscape, creating an effective workflow for software developer using a platform based on something like Kubernetes can be challenging.

All of us are creating software to support the delivery of value to our customers and to the business, and therefore, the cloud software developer experience from idea generation to running (and observing) in production must be fast, reliable, and provide good feedback. During this talk, you will learn several lessons learned from real world consulting experience working with teams deploying to Kubernetes:
* Why an efficient development workflow is so important
* A series of questions to ask in order to understand if you should attempt to build a PaaS on top of Kubernetes (everyone needs a platform, but how much should be built versus integrated versus bought?)
* A brief overview of developer experience tooling for Kubernetes, and how this domain could evolve in the future
* The role of Kubernetes, Envoy, Prometheus, and other popular cloud-native tools in your workflow
* Key considerations in implementing a cloud-native workflow

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