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MongoDB Indexing in Practice

With the right indexes in place, MongoDB can use its hardware efficiently and serve your application’s queries quickly. In this article, based on chapter 7 of MongoDB in Action, author Kyle Banker talks about refining and administering indexes. You will learn how to create, build and backup MongoDB indexes.

Deploy a Python and MongoDB App in the OpenShift Cloud

This video provides a demo on how to install and use on the OpenShift a little application that uses MongoDB and the Python Bottle framework to provide a simpler Twitter-like service. OpenShift is Red Hat Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution that allows to host Java, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby applications.

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Best Practices for MongoDB

The Engine Yard Data Team shares in this blog post its the best practices for MongoDB. The team had assisted several customers with custom MongoDB environments and discovered during this process a variety of potentially problematic settings.

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NoSQL Databases and Node.js

In recent years, non-relational DBMSs have reemerged with proponents’ claiming advantages in scalability and simplicity. Many of these DBMSs now exist targeted towards a variety of usage scenarios. They are popularly referred to as NoSQL databases. This article looks at two popular NoSQL databases – Redis and MongoDB – and also Mongoose, a popular API …

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MongoDB & EC2: A Love Story?

Running Mongodb in the cloud can be challenging. This video gives an overview of a 1.5 year+ experience of running mongodb on amazon EC2 and explains where the project got burnt and where life treated us well.

MongoDB vs. RDBMS Schema Design

MongoDB vs. RDBMS Schema Design

In this article, based on chapter 4 of MongoDB in Action, author Kyle Banker explains how MongoDB schema differs from an equivalent RDBMS schema, and how common relationships between entities, such as one-to-many and many-to-many, are replicated in MongoDB.

cloud computing software development article

What the Heck Are Document Databases?

This article explores some of the major players in the NoSQL world. As many of these databases are working on Cloud infrastructure, this overview of the MongoDB, CouchDB and RavenDB document databases is interesting for cloud software developers.