JavaFX and Scala in the Cloud

What do you get when you combine JavaFX and Scala together on top of a Cloud architecture? The most highly scalable platform for Java client development possible, leveraging the UI richness of JavaFX, elegance of Scala, and infinite scalability of a multi-cloud platform.

Running Play Framework and Scala on Heroku

Building Play Framework apps with Scala is all the rage right now as it has never been easier to build and deploy JVM-based web apps! This video shows you how to build a Play application with Scala and then deploy it on the cloud with Heroku.

Using Scala, Akka and Play in the Cloud

This video provides an overview on how to deploy Scala, Akka and the Play! framework in the Cloud. Keep the battle-tested performance of the Java Virtual Machine, keep using your existing Java code, but jump ahead in developer productivity.

Cloud Computing with Scala and GridGain

GridGain is a cloud development platforms for JVM-based languages. Most of the video is devoted to a demonstration of writing basic MapReduce application in Scala using GridGain. The video presents an overview of grid and cloud computing concepts as well as the notion of Native Cloud Applications.