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Using Google Cloud SQL

Using Google Cloud SQL

This blog post provides information on how to use the Google Cloud SQL database on Google App Engine. Google Cloud SQL is web service that allows you to create, configure and use relational databases with Google App Engine applications. It is a fully-managed service that maintains, manages and administers your databases. The service is currently in limited preview.

Google Cloud SQL should provide:

Ease of Use . A rich graphical user interface allows for creating, configuring, managing, and monitoring your database instances, with just a click.

Fully management
. No worrying about tasks such as replication, patch management, or other database management chores. All these tasks are taken care of for you.

High Availability. To meet the critical availability needs of today’s applications and services, features like replication across multiple geographic regions are built in, so the service is available even if a data center becomes unavailable.

Integration with Google App Engine and other Google services. Tight integration with Google App Engine and other Google services enable you to work across multiple products easily, get more value from your data, move your data into and out of the cloud, and get better performance.