Windows Azure and Service Bus Queues Compared

Currently, the messaging architecture pattern can be implemented in the Windows Azure platform in two ways: Windows Azure queues and Service Bus queues. In this article, Ricardo Villalobos provides knowledge that will make you able to find out whether Windows Azure queues or Service Bus queues are the best choice for the messaging queues in your application.

This article covers their main differences Windows Azure queues and Service Bus queues from a practical point of view, considering aspects such as performance, capacity and security during the basic communication cycle, which involves creating a queue, sending messages and processing the messages. Ricardo Villalobos conclusion is that “Because they offer support for sessions, transactions and a pub/sub model, Service Bus queues are the preferred choice when it comes to more complex messaging scenarios. However, Windows Azure queues are a great option for supporting architectures that require high speed and high volume throughput for basic decoupling of their different components.”