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[16 May 2018 | No Comment | ]

This presentation explains how to build a Node.js-MongoDB container packaged application using Wercker and deploy it to the Oracle Container Cloud Service.

[6 Jan 2014 | Comments Off on Node.js Introduction on Engine Yard Cloud | ]

Node.js is one of the most popular, up and coming runtimes and it is available on Engine Yard Cloud Platform. This video walks through the steps required to get a Node.js application running on Engine Yard Cloud.

[5 Nov 2012 | Comments Off on Cloud Foundry Supports of Node.js Node Package Manager | ]

Learn how Cloud Foundry supports downloading and installing Node.js modules from the Node Package Manager (NPM) directly on the cloud without developers having to upload them. The normal process of creating a Node.js application requires a local installation of the node modules that essentially makes the application self-contained.

[23 Apr 2012 | One Comment | ]

This video introduces Node.js and demonstrates how its non-blocking approach enables lean, scalable server applications. Node.js is an event-driven, JavaScript-based, high-performance I/O framework for server-side programming. It also shows how you can get started building your first Node.js app on Heroku.

[30 Nov 2011 | One Comment | ]

Designed to assist developers in building scalable network programs, Node.js is a server-side programming environment that has virtually reinvented JavaScript. For many Java developers, Node’s biggest pull is its fresh approach to software concurrency. While the Java platform continues to evolve in its approach to concurrency, Node.js meets this need so in a more lightweight fashion that many Java developers have recently embraced.

[1 Nov 2011 | Comments Off on Node.js, Ruby and Python in Windows Azure | ]

Most people using Windows Azure are using ASP.NET and PHP, but Windows Azure is much more general than that. Steve Marx will show how he built a few web apps (including his blog) that run on Windows Azure and don’t use .NET or PHP. Server-side JavaScript, Ruby, and Python will be the most prominent examples.

[1 Nov 2011 | Comments Off on Development in the Cloud with Cloud 9 IDE | ]

This video is an interview of Ruben Daniels, CEO of Cloud9 IDE. The Cloud9 IDE is an online development environment that runs completely in the cloud, without any desktop apps or browser plugins to worry about.

[27 Apr 2011 | Comments Off on Use Node.js as a Full Cloud Environment Development Stack | ]

Node.js is an event-driven I/O framework for the version 8 JavaScript™ engine on UNIX®-like platforms. It is designed for writing scalable network programs such as web servers. This article examines Node.js and the ecosystem surrounding it (including cloud offerings). It ends with an example of how to build a chat server in Node.js.

[5 Apr 2011 | Comments Off on Putting our Head in the Clouds with the RX Framework | ]

As we plant our applications in the cloud we need to reorient our thinking from synchronous toward asynchronous programming. The reactive framework coming out Microsoft Live Labs is designed to help you make the transition.