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[6 Jan 2014 | Comments Off on Node.js Introduction on Engine Yard Cloud | ]

Node.js is one of the most popular, up and coming runtimes and it is available on Engine Yard Cloud Platform. This video walks through the steps required to get a Node.js application running on Engine Yard Cloud.

[16 Apr 2013 | Comments Off on Real Time Apps on Cloud Foundry with Node.js and RabbitMQ | ]

Learn how to scale an Express and Socket.io based chat application that uses Redis as session store and RabbitMQ as PubSub service.

[5 Nov 2012 | Comments Off on Cloud Foundry Supports of Node.js Node Package Manager | ]

Learn how Cloud Foundry supports downloading and installing Node.js modules from the Node Package Manager (NPM) directly on the cloud without developers having to upload them. The normal process of creating a Node.js application requires a local installation of the node modules that essentially makes the application self-contained.

[18 Jun 2012 | Comments Off on Deploy Node.js on Windows Azure | ]

Learn how to deploy a node.js application to Windows Azure. Node.js is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices.

[1 May 2012 | Comments Off on Node.js on Windows Azure | ]

Node.js is now a fully supported development platform for building server applications on Windows. What’s more, you can now take your high performance node.js server application and deploy to the cloud on Windows Azure and benefit from pretty much infinite scale. This video how you can build your node.js app on Windows and then deploy it to Windows Azure.

[23 Apr 2012 | One Comment | ]

This video introduces Node.js and demonstrates how its non-blocking approach enables lean, scalable server applications. Node.js is an event-driven, JavaScript-based, high-performance I/O framework for server-side programming. It also shows how you can get started building your first Node.js app on Heroku.

[13 Dec 2011 | Comments Off on Node.js Windows Azure Introduction | ]

This short video shows you how to build and deploy a simple application to Windows Azure using Node.js. More information on this combination of technologies can be found on Node.js Developer Center.

[5 Dec 2011 | 4 Comments | ]

In recent years, non-relational DBMSs have reemerged with proponents’ claiming advantages in scalability and simplicity. Many of these DBMSs now exist targeted towards a variety of usage scenarios. They are popularly referred to as NoSQL databases. This article looks at two popular NoSQL databases – Redis and MongoDB – and also Mongoose, a popular API that abstracts access to MongoDB.

[30 Nov 2011 | One Comment | ]

Designed to assist developers in building scalable network programs, Node.js is a server-side programming environment that has virtually reinvented JavaScript. For many Java developers, Node’s biggest pull is its fresh approach to software concurrency. While the Java platform continues to evolve in its approach to concurrency, Node.js meets this need so in a more lightweight fashion that many Java developers have recently embraced.

[13 Jul 2011 | Comments Off on Cloud Foundry Live Webinar | ]

In this series of video Paul Maritz, VMware CEO, and Rod Johnson, SVP of Application Platform Strategy at VMware, discuss Cloud Foundry, a new open Platform as as Service solution. Topics covered: Spring, ruby, node.js