Videos for Cloud Computing Software Development

Six Years of Kubernetes: Where Are We Going?

It has been six years since the initial release of Kubernetes in June 2014. Joe Beda, principal engineer at VMware and Kubernetes co-founder, presents this packed 60-minute session by emphasizing how to make the most of Kubernetes.

Cloud Governance: Winning the Battle Between Speed & Control

Left unrestrained, your Cloud environment can be like the wild west. Traditional approval processes just slow Cloud software developers down though, so how can we maintain both our agility and our compliance and organisational requirements?

Ballerina: a Cloud Native Programming Language

This session covers the Ballerina Ballerina Cloud programming language and runtime model while building a variety of integrations. Ballerina is an open source programming language and platform for cloud-era application programmers to easily write software that just works.

Azure Serverless for Software Developers

Azure Functions, Microsoft’s serverless offering, allow cloud software developers to focus on their code and not be concerned with infrastructure or DevOps. Thanks to a slew of built-in integrations, you can use configurations rather than code to send and retrieve messages to various services or be triggered by events in those services.

Deep dive into AWS Cloud Development Kit

The AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) is a multi-language, open-source framework that enables developers to harness the full power of familiar programming languages to define reusable cloud components and provision applications built from those components using AWS CloudFormation. In this session, you learn how to develop an AWS CDK application and learn how to …

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Searching the Perfect Cloud Software Developer Experience

With a productive service-based development workflow, individual software development teams can build and ship applications independently of each other. But with a rapidly evolving cloud native landscape, creating an effective workflow for software developer using a platform based on something like Kubernetes can be challenging.

A Software Architect Guide to the Cloud Offerings

When ‘the cloud’ became a development watchword, several players immediately moved in to occupy the space. And then a few more, and then a few more, and then…. Well, pardon the pun, but the clouds burst open, and everybody suddenly seems to have a cloud offering these days.