End-to-end Encryption in Cloud Services

Cloud-hosted services have many advantages, but commonly-deployed cloud architectures have a number of weaknesses when it comes to data management. In particular, when a third party has direct access to your data, that third party becomes an attractive target both for malicious attack and for lawful access via subpoenas served to the third party alone. Additionally, your data becomes subject to the operational security and retention policies of that third party.

These weaknesses can be addressed with end-to-end encryption — that is, by encrypting sensitive data at the client tier of the architecture, and manipulating it exclusively in encrypted format in the cloud tier. In this talk, we will look at what Cisco is doing to provide end-to-end encryption for our cloud solutions, and some of the challenges we are still working on to fully close the loop for enterprise customers.

Video producer: http://gotocon.com/