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Netflix Spring Cloud

Netflix Spring Cloud

Spring Cloud Netflix allows you to quickly take your existing Spring Boot application and transform it into a fully cloud-ready service (even if you are operating out of a private data center).

This talk shows how to take a simple Spring Boot app and progressively add more and more production-ready features.
1. Service discovery — how we have extended Spring Cloud to integrate more seamlessly with Eureka.
2. Real-time Metrics — Spectator/Atlas integration, including how we fold Spring Boot Actuator metrics into Spectator. We will show you how to use the Atlas stack language to generate real-time metrics graphics.
3. Inter-service Communication/Loading Balancing – When should you choose client-side load balancing (Ribbon) over traditional server-side load balancing? We will explain how Netflix OSS can contain both a client side load balancer in Ribbon and a software router in Zuul and when to use each.
4. Managing Failure – Provide a demo of Hystrix/Spring integration with Turbine.
5. Analytics – How Spring Cloud Netflix makes Spring XD an even more powerful real-time analytics platform with real-time operational insights.